Our Care Process

Initial contact

We will contact you to introduce Abbey Support and Services to you. We will also try to arrange an appointment to come and visit you and your family. The appointment will be a day and time that is both convenient for you and your family.


During our visit to you we may, carry out assessments. These assessments will enable us to provide you with a care package that is tailored to meet your needs.

During our visit we will also provide you with a Service User Contract and Service User Guide. You can read these documents in your own time, and sign the contract when you feel you are ready to join Abbey Support and Services.

Your care package will start on the date that is best for you and your family.

Formulating your care plan

From the information you have given us during assessments, and from your support plan (if you have a social worker) we will formulate a detailed care plan.

This care plan will be in the front of your folder, for the carers to see and know what they have to do for each of your calls.

Information contained in the care plan would be the days and time of your calls, a step by step instructions on what tasks the carers have to complete for each of the calls, and any special instructions the carers need to know in order to keep you safe and secure.

Start of your care package

One of our senior carer, or the manager will introduce your carer to you on the first day your care commences.

On-going Support 

The management team will be in regular contact with you, both by phone and home visits to ensure both you and your family members are happy with the care provided to you. In your folder, you will also have our contact details, both office number and out of hours number so you can contact us at any time, day and night. 


Every three months we carry out service user reviews. This is to know from you and your family, your views on the care and service we are providing you with and if there are any improvements or changes we can make.