An unsolicited testimonial

Harry (not a family member) for whom we held Power of Attorney was cared for by Abbey Care and Support Services for four years. Staying with Abbey for this length of time, when we could have changed the care agency at any time is of itself a measure of our satisfaction with the agency.

Throughout the four years carers showed genuine care, concern and compassion and did more than simply carry out tasks of care for which they were paid.

During this time care was carried out by a small team who could always be relied upon to arrive on time. Inevitably, over four years some carers changed, though staff changes were infrequent. When a carer left, we wondered how they could be replaced, only to find the new carer just as good and caring as the one who had left. In total, over the four years, Harry probably had little more than a dozen carers who provided care 3 and lately 4 times a day seven days a week.

The small team was able to provide consistent and reliable care. There were times when issues cropped up which needed further discussion with the office. These issues were always promptly attended to in a knowledgeable and courteous way. Working together, putting the interests of Harry first made resolution of any issues easier.

Harry presented carers with many difficulties which they took in their stride showing both understanding and compassion.

It is the small gestures of kindness of the carers we will remember:

  • Kneeling beside Harry, not standing over him.
  • Holding his hand to comfort him.
  • Combing his hair and giving him a shave when they didn’t have to.

Not infrequently, and of their own accord, carers brought him items of food and other treats when he would eat little. In fact carers did those things any caring member of a family would have done but certainly not what any paid employee would have done.

For the people who cared for Harry and those we have met from Abbey Care and Support Services we say a very sincere thank you.


Julie & Steve

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