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We pride ourselves in providing high quality, person centred care. It is important for us to ensure that our service users are happy, and safe. We believe, and instil in all of our carers, and staff to provide care, the same way they would want themselves, or their family members to be cared for.

Care Plans

Our care plans are focussed on the service user, their likes, dislikes, needs, and choices. We discuss, and involve the service user, and their family when developing, and reviewing their care plan. We believe it is important the service user is involved in every aspect of their care.


All our carers undergo interviewing and checking procedures, which include full referencing, enhanced Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) check and a safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults from Abuse check. They undergo an induction training, and shadowing before commencing work in the community. Spot checks, supervision, and appraisal are carried out whilst they are with us, to ensure they are providing a high quality, and safe care.


We keep in regular contact with all our service users, and their families, to ensure they are happy with the care they are receiving. We also undertake service user satisfaction surveys, and do our best to implement any improvements suggested by the service user, and/or their family.


I have been working for abbey supports and services for over 2 years. Over the past 2 years, me and my colleagues have been provided with training and if we have any enquiries or anything we need help in, everyone in the office and Nasrin are always available. We make sure clients are always safe, happy and looked after. The company is always there for support and to make sure that we are also looked after. We also attend regular meetings in order to keep up to date with everything. Nasrin also cares a lot for her clients and makes sure there is always a smile on their face. I am happy with Nasrin’s approach to both us, the carers and also the clients.


“We are very happy with the services of Abbey Support & Services. The carers are very good at their job and give good service and always come on time and provide a happy atmosphere”

I have been working at Abbey supports and services for more than 5 years. I am happy with how everything is and how us, the carers and the clients are looked after. We, the carers, attended regular training and also meetings in order to stay updated and always do what’s best for our clients. Our client’s health and safety are always in our best interest and we always make sure that the client is well looked after, safe, and happy. Nasrin always makes sure the client is always first and that they are satisfied and happy. I am pleased with Nasrin’s approach to both carers and clients, this is why I have not joined another company, I have stayed with Abbey Supports And Services because I am happy with how everything is.


“Going the extra mile to help – that is a very big help”

I work for Abbey Support and Services for 8 months now. In that time me and other carers have been provided with ongoing training and other support to ensure our clients the optimal method of care. We do everything to make sure our clients are safe, pleased and are well looked after. Nasrin takes her time to remember their birthday and give them gifts. As an employee of Abbey Support and Services, I am pleased with Nasrin’s approach to both clients and carers. I wish further success in the future.


“My daughter is very happy to know I’m looked after by your carers who she has met, and support received from Urvi and Nasrin”

I currently work at Abbey support services and it’s truly a pleasure working at this company. The co-workers and the managers are very friendly and understanding, overall the environment of this company is welcoming and they have given me an opportunity to broaden my skills as well as strengthening my previous weaknesses.


“Reliable and on time. They let me know if carer may be late, but always ask if this is acceptable”

I have worked for abbey support and services for the past 4 years, I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic this care company is, all office staff especially Naz, Fehmida and veena work so very hard to make this company a success, they always try and accommodate all staff when it comes to various things such as time off or emergencies, all of my fellow employees are also really nice and its a pleasure to work with every single one, I wouldn’t like to think of myself at any other workplace, I rate them 5 star, Abbey Support and Services is a great company to work for.


Working for abbey Supports has been such a positive experience! They are always an environment for growth and development. I look forward to coming to work every single day.


I‘m very happy with Abbey Supports I ben with Nasrin more than 7.years she looking after me & husband I’m very happy & she always ask me about aur health she always came in time & all cares she send is same I got use to & her service regular cares are understanding & the cares going extra miles to help us she very good & caring loving god bless her & family

Mrs KhanClient

I’m very grateful to Nas and her team for being both accommodating and helpful in allowing me to receive the care I require to take pressure off of my family.

Having a fluctuating condition is hard all-around, given that it forces the patient, carers and family more broadly, to live in a kind of limbo. Abbey Care and Support have been exceptional in this regard.

There’s always someone available to talk to, and every carer I’ve had (apart from my regular one) has been brilliant, briefed in advance, and thoughtful in the instances my pain levels have spiralled out of control requiring emergency support.

They took time and care in considering my case, and the type of person I might require as a regular carer. My social worker at Leicester City Council recommends them highly and she puts her trust in them regularly, so I understand.

I am very thankful for the support I’ve received so far, and am thoroughly grateful for it every day.


I have worked for Abbey Support & Services for almost 2 years as a carer & found them to be very caring & understanding to both employees & clients. Services were tailored to the clients’ needs & carers were trained to carry out the tasks to a very high standard. All issues were dealt with efficiently & fairly. Clients were always pleased with the services they received.


Naz and her team Abbey Support have been truly as their name states, Support. They cared for my Mum Mary Hanley for many years who sadly passed away earlier this year. My Mum’s needs were met as Naz knew if things were not right I would say. They also care for another lady Evelyn who I look after, they also perform well as with my Mum i would pull them up on this. I have been and still am happy with Abbey Support and team. I commend Naz who took on a task of caring and has proven herself to be a reputable Company.
Would I recommend them to others? Wholeheartedly yes. Keep doing what you are doing Naz. I must also thank and commend Fermida, Dimple and Amal for their care and support toward Mum and Evelyn.


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